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Our firm specializes in employment based cases leading to immigrant visas or to non-immigrant visas

Employing Immigrant Healthcare Personnel

The United States is facing a shortage of qualified medical personnel, in particular, nursing professionals. Many healthcare facilities are choosing to recruit qualified nursing staff from other countries. It is often possible to secure temporary employment visas and permanent resident alien status for foreign national employees and their families.

When working with the delicate issue of immigration, it is essential to ensure accuracy. As an employer, you want to comply with government regulations regarding your employees.

Former U.S. Immigration Judge Jeffrey N. Brauwerman, a Florida Bar Board Certified Immigration and Nationality Law attorney, has a thorough knowledge of immigration law.

Carefully Navigating the Immigration Processes

Mr. Brauwerman and Mr. June work with business clients throughout South Florida and the United States to secure a much needed workforce. Whether you need to secure a physician's visa or permanent residence for a nursing professional, contact a knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyer to help in providing a smooth process. The Shane, Shane & Brauwerman have offices in both Coral Gables and Plantation, Florida.

Types of Visas for Healthcare Professionals

When a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse or physical therapist wishes to work in the United States, he or she must obtain a visa or green card. He or she may also be subject to medical license testing depending on employment requirements.

  • H-1B visas — Available for up to six years for employees with university degrees or the equivalent of a university
  • O-1 visas — For up to six years, visas for foreign national employees possessing extraordinary ability in their field
  • J-1 or H-3 visas — Available for up to 18 months of career training

Options for Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is possible on an employment offer to virtually any prospective foreign national employee if an application for permanent employment certification to the United States Department of Labor is approved and that there were no minimally qualified U.S. applicants for the position after that position was advertised.

Permanent residence is also possible on an employment offer to foreign national employees possessing extraordinary ability in their field. Also, waivers of two year foreign residence requirements are available for physicians interning in the United States with J-1 visa status.

To arrange a professional consultation about medical employment visas or permanent residences options for your employees, contact the firm at 305-758-1234 or by e-mail. In-office and telephonic consultations are available.

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